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Business Opportunities

Join A Team with Sophisticated Logistics Knowledge

With all the Freight Services we offer, we may need an Independent Sales Agent. If you are looking for additional income and have intimate knowledge of a specific Industry Sector (Aircraft Parts, Apparel, Auto Parts, Chemicals, E-Commerce, Furniture, Liquor, Medical Instruments, Footwear, etc.) then this is the position for you. You can join a Miami Freight Forwarder.
As an Independent Sales Agent, you will be responsible for finding new business opportunities for the company, growing and maintaining a list of accounts, and securing new business. Agents will remotely generate potential leads and follow-up until we get the business done.
Internship Program

The Ideal Candidate :

Organized, Entrepreneurial Skills, Self-Motivated, Someone with a Specific Industry Connection and Experience. Experience in Warehousing Distribution, Freight Shipping, Air Cargo, Truck Freights, and Logistics Management is a must.

Salary Information :

This is a commission based opportunity. As such, you get out what you put in. Sales Agents earn a percentage of any new business they bring to POBOX. This can become an excellent source of recurring revenue with the right connections and can achieve ecommerce fulfillment.
Job Title: Marketing Intern
Number of Openings: 3
Work Schedule: flexible
Hours per Week: 15-30
Wage/Salary: Unpaid. Paid position optional after internship completion.
Employment Start Date: Immediate
Duration: 9-15 weeks. Part-time

Detailed Description of Position

1. Assist with the design and development of a strategic logistics trade lane marketing plan.
2. In charge of implementing marketing plan to achieve organizational objectives.
3. Assist with editorial direction, design, production and distribution of print and electronic marketing communications materials.

Qualifications :

1. Bachelor or Graduate student, preferably with a marketing/sales or business degree.
2. Must be self-motivated, reliable, innovative and pragmatic.
3. Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.
4. Ability to work on projects largely without direct supervision.
5. Excellent oral and written presentation abilities.
6. Previous experience and a second language (Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian...) are not required but are helpful.
Application Instructions: Please send your resume and cover letter to fernando@poboxcargo.com
Qualified applicants will be contacted within 2 days of resume submission
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