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customs broker

Customs Brokerage

Global trade is more of a challenge today in freight forwarding than ever before. It is critical to have a knowledgeable guide to help navigate international commerce; we can help with our logistics consultants.
It is important to understand the requirements for importing and exporting (export logistics) and here is where PO BOX International plays the professional role of customs broker.
You might be tempted to handle customs issues yourself, but consider this fact from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency: for every product imported in the United States there are 500 pages of customs regulations & thousands of tariff items that needs to be considered.
PO BOX Logistics acts on behalf of importers and exporters to ensure that goods get through customs channels quickly and efficiently. We look closely at your commodities and use our expertise to help you ensure you are paying the appropriate amount of tariffs, duties, and declared values. Our services include Compliance assistance for your imports, Full visibility to your shipments as they clear customs, customs warehousing and more.
If you want a Broker that can provide individualized service and who can provide a single, constant contact, who can offer additional services such as ocean, air, inland, consolidation then PO BOX is your customs broker.
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